Dr.Kamalakar Penubothu

Consultant General Physician

73311 91177

About Dr Kamalakar Penubothu

Dr Kamalakar is one of the Best General Physician in Hyderabad with over 18 years of experience and currently practising as a Consultant General Physician at Sia Life Hospital, Kondapur.

Adept in managing both critical and outpatients with well-rounded skills in managing hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disorders, febrile illnesses, joint disorders, blood disorders, and other chronic conditions associated with heart, kidney, and liver failures.

Having completed post-graduation from a famed medical college and having worked in leading corporate hospitals for over a decade. He hold a deep understanding of the disease process, its treatment, and its prevention. He believe in ethical medical practice upholding patient and patient’s family members’ wellbeing at all times