Dr. Arjun Reddy

Consultant Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon
About Dr Arjun Reddy

Dr Marathi Arjun Reddy is a consultant plastic, reconstructive, microvascular and aesthetic(cosmetic) surgeon. He is a Fellow in Aesthetic Surgery from Amrita institute of medical sciences.

He is an expert in the art of Aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery which includes hair transplantation, rhinoplasty, facelifts, dimple creation, breast augmentation and reductions, liposuctions, Abdominoplasty and many more.
Non surgical procedures which include BOTOX, fillers, PRP, LASERS and many more.

He is an trained in Gender reassignment surgeries. He is an expert in managing complex trauma, facial injuries, hand and leg trauma, nerve injuries, vessel injuries, burns and congenital anomalies such as cleft lip and palate.